Saigon has always been the business capital of Vietnam and is a bustle of activity today. New skyscrapers are going up everywhere you look. Officially renamed in honor of Ho Chi Minh after the war, most of the locals still refer to it as Saigon. Ho Chi Minh City has a population of more than twelve million, making it the largest city in the country.

Honda.jpg (10584 bytes)

Rex.jpg (24800 bytes)Monks.jpg (19993 bytes)Though there are many things to see in Saigon that relate to the war, it is a city that should be explored on its own merit. An evening on the roof-top bar and cafe at the Rex is always a stop for me.

Cu Chi  
Cu-Chi.jpg (28629 bytes)About twenty five miles northwest of downtown Saigon you can visit the tunnel complex at Cu Chi. These tunnels are a testament of the tenacity of the Vietnamese who began their construction during the 40's in the war against the French. By the end of the American War, there were over 200 miles of tunnels, some of them as deep as 25 feet underground. Rooms were carved out of the earth big enough to create mess halls and hospitals for the VC and elements of the North Vietnamese Army. Though the American military knew of its existence, they were never able to locate the main tunnel complex.