We have been offering tours of Vietnam for more than twenty years now. Here are some of the comments from our clients

Anh and Bll,
Beth and I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to Vietnam.  We felt like we were with friends who took a personal interest in what we wanted/needed to see and feel.  Although Beth was nervous about going to Vietnam with me, you two made her feel very comfortable and she thoroughly enjoyed the trip.  She really appreciated Anh taking her under her wing and the two hit it off immediately.  I cannot say enough about how Anh made her feel.  It had a tremendous impact on her.  Bill I want to say Thanks for taking the extra time to take me to the places I wanted to go.  Even though we were not able to get to the exact spot on a couple of areas that I wanted to go, it was not from a lack of trying on your part and I really appreciated that.  The trip was more than I expected and am so glad that we went.  The time that you and Anh put into making the trip everything we wanted/needed was more that I could have hoped far.  I want to come back in 2017 to finish my journey to the three areas we did not have the time to get to on this trip with you and Anh.
Anh and Bill you make a perfect team.  Anh knows the people, language and customs and you know what a veteran is looking for.  What a combination!  It was a great trip and we would recommend ya'll to anyone who wants to experience the true Vietnam.
Thanks again for everything!
Jimmy and Beth Pitts jimmypi@msn.com

Bill and Anh, 
We loved our time with you both in Vietnam. This was an amazing experience, and you two are the best in the business— though that’s the wrong word to describe the warmth and generosity you extended. I will be in touch after we land back tomorrow. The guide here was very very good, and delightful company. It will take me some time to process all that I have seen. I know that Stan and Tom feel this was a trip of a lifetime. There was kismet all along the way. We will be spreading the word about Bamboo Moon back in the States and abroad. I also want to say thank you for showing us your fighting sites in the Valley; I was glad to see that, and to step back a bit and see a bigger picture. Let’s connect again in the states, and in Danang.

Yours, Doug Stanton dougstanton1@gmail.com

Hi Bill and Anh,
Kim and I made it back to SD. Our trip home went fine. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make this one of the best experiences of my life.
While traveling home I took some time to reflect on my reason for taking this trip. Prior to leaving everyone asked me why Vietnam and my response was always the same- to do some soul searching about my dad and to see how his time in Vietnam made him who he was. What I found while there was so much more. I realize now that not only did his experience in Vietnam make him who he was, it also made me who I am because I am part of him. As I was searching my soul half way around the world to find out more about my dad, I found pieces of me. 
Thanks to each of you for making great memories with me-
    a caring brother who’s not afraid to live life to the fullest
    a fantastic old friend who loves to travel and try everything
    a fellow American who is deeply passionate about our country and the flag
    a Vietnam Veteran who graciously helps others heal wounds from the past
    a tour guide who loves her beautiful country and brought it to life for all of us
As overflowing Richard would say- “This was the best trip ever!”
Mot, Hai, Ba, Yo!

Jody Ness troyness@brookings.net

Bill and Anh,

Jody and I are an hour away from home. Our flights went well. Thank you so much for being great tour guides and showing us around a great country! Many memories were made and a new friendship.

Kim kimkinn@gmail.com


We just want to thank you for the great weekend we had with you two. You have an amazing balance between oversight and freedom, handholding and 'turn em loose' that is rare.

we look forward to visiting you again soon, and remember our home is open to you when you are in singapore.

best regards,
bart and vivian
Bill & Anh,
I want to say again "thanks" for all your insight and showing me around Vietnam. I really enjoyed the scenery, the cultural interface, and the tour to Hue/DMZ. Your personal insights and selection of places to see made the journey rememberable. I like that tea garden and arts/craft area in Hue. I went there after you had left to fully take it in. It is a very neat place that many may overlook. The country has changed and for the better. I felt a lot of positive energy from the people. The place we knew is no longer there, but neither are we 40+ years later. I could not have seen what I wanted to and get some first hand knowledge if it weren't for you. I did visit the Cu Chi Tunnel and other sights in Saigon. So, I feel I have rounded out my time back to fully grasp what I wanted to see. The city and country is changing and I am glad I had the opportunity to see it before it becomes another tourist trap. The next time I hopefully can come as a tourist. We received some very encouraging information from JPAC and our guardedly optomistic Jerry's case will be going forward in the near future. Maybe not this fiscal year, but when JPAC can work through all the negotiations that routinely complicate these matters. Your idea to host the luncheon with the villagers, I think will result in a lot of positive "goodwill" from that valley. This should make the regional powers more receptive to making the "dig" a reality. All we can do is hope for an easy negotiation process. 
I trust your payment for services has arrived in the mail. I asked JPAC to mail it to you. I do appreciate all that you did for me. 
Semper Fi,

Gene Mares