Mother.jpg (15379 bytes)This jungle valley runs down the center of the country from the Da Krong River up by Khe Sanh down to south of Hue and was once a major leg of the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail. It was here that the battle of Hamburger Hill took place in 1969.

The valley is peaceful now but is still very rugged and has changed little in spite of the major changes that are happening throughout the rest of Vietnam. The valley is dotted with small villages of ethnic people who continue to live as they have for generations. Weathered women can still be seen in the hills carrying their enormous burdens of firewood on their backs. Grass huts are built on stilts to protect them from the wet season and cool them during the hottest time of the year. Though this is one of the poorest regions of Vietnam, I find it one of the most colorful.Bru.jpg (19432 bytes)Huts.jpg (28384 bytes)