About US

Bamboo Moon is a husband and wife team that has been working together since 2002 and have a combined experience of over thirty years in leading tours throughout Vietnam. They offer a wide variety of tours ranging from the budget minded traveler to those who prefer to travel in luxury.  Their specialty is organizing custom tours for those who want to have more than just the standard "packaged tour".

Bill served with the Marine Corps in Vietnam as a machine gunner during 1969.  In  1994, he decided to go back to Vietnam and revisit some of the places where he served. That was a turning point on his life. Seeing the country at peace had a profound effect on him. Since that time, he has been leading groups to Vietnam and though, most of the people have been veterans, there have also been many who did not serve there during the war. No one has been disappointed with their decision to visit Vietnam whether it was their first experience or whether they had been there before.

Bill currently lives in Da Nang, Vietnam with his wife Anh where they have built a house on China Beach. As a result, he has come to know Vietnam on a level that he wouldn't have dreamed possible forty years ago.  He would like to share some of the insight  he has acquired with those who want to know more about Vietnam and its people.
You can contact Bill at billinnam@gmail.com

Bill Ervin - Tour Leader
Veteran (USMC 1969),

Anh was born  and raised in Da Nang. She has been a school teacher, a TV commentator, and a licensed tour guide since 1998. Her English is excellent and she knows the country and its people from an insider's point of view. Through her years of experience as a tour guide, she has learned how to get what the clients want at the best price possible.  Whether you are into the culture, adventure tours, learning how to cook Vietnamese food, or shopping, Anh can help with her expert guidance.
You can contact Anh at anhvntour@gmail.com

Nguyen Anh - Tour Guide Vietnamese Citizen

Together, we can make your trip to Vietnam a unique and memorable experience.  If you ever thought about visiting this fascinating country, now is the time to do it and we can help make it the trip of a lifetime.